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Jeg følte det kunne være aktuelt å lage en oppsamling av tricktips og trick-how to's
OG POST DEN I TRICKTIPS AND HOWTO's - The ide/diskusjonstopic.

For dere som liker å lete litt selv, så har vi en del

Her har jeg prøvd å samle sider med tricktips direkte listet opp

Sider som ikke har videoene listet opp direkte, men hvis du søker kan du finne mye bra
Søketips: BMX, Tricktips, How-to, how to - variasjoner rundt dette
Eventuelt kombiner navnet på trikset du leter etter, med ovennevnte


Tricktips sakset fra random på forumet:

1. hit the jump at the same speed you would to clear it.
2. to begin you might want to start with snaking at the start of the lip. this is when you turn your bike before you have left the lip.
3. as you lift off try and level out as much as you can quickly and spin your head to the side you are spinning to. as you spin your head, drop the inner shoulder a bit, turn the bike with your head, shoulders, spin, hips and arms.
4.once you have done a complete spin level out spot your landing and stick it rolling away smooth for the ladies.
TIPS: Remember that turning your head and hips is key. Where the head goes, the rest follows, including your bike.

Sitat1.Depending on the length and slope of the run-in, you'll want a speed when your taking off about the speed of a jog.
2. A few feet before the object you will stall, you need to pull your front up high.
3.When your back tire is about a foot or two away from the object, pull your weight up and tuckyour back tire in, while leaning back.
4. To get off: Lean back farther, so your front moves upwards, then shift your weight on a 45 degree angle between up and back.
5. Tuck your back wheel in and push your front forward.
6. Then when you land, back pedal and turn your bars slighly, then brake or lock your cranks to spin 180 out.
TIP: When stalling, don't worry about the lean. You should be just behind the centre of your back wheel (just above and back from the hub). Don't forget to keep the brake locked until ready to get out of the trick!

1. Approach the quarter pipe at a speed slightly faster than a jogging speed.
2. As you begin to roll up the quarterpipe, use the coping as a lip for your front wheel. Begin the 180, remembering to turn your head.
3. With your front wheel in the air, your back wheel will come to the coping. Begin to push up and out with your back end. This will cause you to go almost straight up in the air.
4. Complete the spin, and land back in the pipe.
TIPS: When airing out, you almost have to do a J-Hop off the coping, but instead of trying to hop forward,
you want your back wheel to push off from the coping, up and out. Otherwise, you will do a 180 and your back wheel will case the coping, making for a not-so-smooth landing, and likely a crash. Also, start small. The best practise, I find, is to try rolling up the quarter pipe, but before you reach the coping, do a J-Hop and a 180 below the coping, as this will help you get the feeling.
Try this before actually airing out above the coping.

pull up the front wheel
-let go the left hand off the bars
-throw the bars with your right hand and release the bars when it has done a 90 degrees rotation
-bring your left hand palm near your right hand
-let the bar spin another 180 degree freely
-catch the bar with the left hand when it comes near you
-finish the rotaion with the bar in the hand
TIP: This is for a clockwise rotation. You may feel comfortable spinning the bars counterclockwise. If so, follow these directions, but in reverse (I.E throw the bars with your left hand, not your right.)

1. begin by crouching a bit, flexing your arms and legs
2. lean back, letting your arms go straight and move your center of gravity behind the seat a bit, while keeping your knees bent.
3. put your wheigt over your back wheel
4. bounce your weight off the back wheel, and lift the back of the bike in the air, by "pushing the pedals" backwards

do these on a quarter pipe to begin.
1 roll up to the pipe woth enough speed to air out,
2 do a basic 180 but spin it quicker and sooner than you would if you wanted to land on the deck.
3 do the complete 180 or about 20 degs. more or less.
4 land back tire on the deck, front tire on the transition, try and get your sprocket on the coping.< that takes practise and more than a 180.
5 regain composure and push down on your fornt wheel and lift your back tire off the deck to drop in. roll away smooth and get a 10/10 for your score card.. OOOHH yeah!

Fakie og roll back

These are easiest to learn on something without a really vert wall like quarters, try it on banks first. Progress at your own speed
1. approach at comfortable speed
2. lift front wheel and turn like 20 degrees so that when you stall on your rear wheel, your bike is on an angle
3. when you go to do your spin off, lean with your shoulders until you start turning. When you turn your shoulders, the bike will start to turn with them.
4. lift your rear wheel and use your foot thats furthest back to push the rear end around, land and roll away
TIP: Similar to the Abubaca, but without the spin before the stall. You can roll out of these by doing a 180 and rolling out straight, or go straight back and roll out fakie.



first things first: DU SKAL IKKE TRØ!

Du må henge i armene, og på den måten dra styret til deg. Jeg pleier å huke meg litt ned, samtidig som jeg drar styret opp.
Samtidig sparker du bena og vekten din mot pedalene,
så du trykker pedalene fremover. Da får du sykkelen opp på bakhjulet.
Derfra er det bare å finne balansepunktet, alt ligger nå i knærne.
For å balansere, bruker man beinene. Når du strekker de ut balanserer du deg bakover, trekker du beinene sammen,
balanserer du deg framover...

Manual til 180:

Go of jump at a fairly good speed.
Let the end of the bike sink down a few inches, throw preferred leg over top tube, kick out both feet, bring both feet back planting the foot on the side that wasn't thrown over the bike on the pedals first, then allow other foot to get over top tube and place on pedal, by this time when you land you should have your both feet on the pedals. and if you don't, then one of your feet at least while be on and you should be able to walk away unscathed and ready to try it again.
TIP: Try other easier variations first, such as the no footer, and a regular cancan. Make sure to have a good grip on the bars before throwing out the legs.

1. ride at the jump at the speed you feel comfortable.
2. hit the jump
3. Kick your legs out as fast as you can
4. dont think about your feet, they will come back them selfs
5. land. (whith your feet on the pedals)
TIP: When going to kick your feet out, bring them up first, about 1 to 2 inches. If you don't and kick straight out, your cranks will often spin, making it hard to bring your feet back.

hit jump
get sorta vertical
pull bars into your waist
when you hands get there, let go, and continue the hands backwards or upwards
remove bars from waist
level out

Kjør litt på skrå, sørg for å lande den veien som blir riktig i quarter.
Altså: Hvis du normalt svinger til venstre på en rampe, er det antakelig lettest å kjøre på skrå mot høyre opp spinen (som blir motsatt av vanlig ja), og så heller lande "rett" vei på andre siden.

to learn find a spine with a deck of about1 foot to 1.5ft and about 4ft tall
1. roll up to the object at a slow speed but enough to get you to the tp of the spine,
2. ride up the transition and hop onto the deck with your feet, regain ocntrol and drop in with your bike.
3. after this feels comfortable try rolling the spine and hardly airing it. Once you can do this you should go to the spine with a little more than a jogging speed, get to the lip, pop off as so as your front tire reaches the climax of the jump push your nose down enough and roll into the landing nose first then let your back tire follow...
TIPS: Some may find it helps to jump side to side, so do everything the same as above but whip you back out a bit (don't do a moto whip) and land on the opposite side that you took off form.

1.approch a jump that will give you a good kick with normal speed
2.just as your front wheel leaves the lip turn it to the side slightly
3.pull your legs up to the side, also lean the already turned bars as vertical as possable, they will turn up naturally.
4. fold out and land grinning.



Takk til C-Man, cc, Steffen.A, Marius, JT og alle jeg muligens måtte ha glemt.